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Tinos, enchanting and still unknown to most tourists, attracts especially the pilgrims who travel here twice a year, on March 25 and August 15, to visit the church of Panagia Megalochari (the Virgin Mary). From any part of the country, people come here to fulfill their vows and to seek comfort. Tinos is the most important orthodox center of worship in Greece, but at the same time, it is also an important Catholic center; A curious mixture of religious traditions that gives the island a particular character.

But the pilgrimage is not the only reason to know the incredible island of Tinos, but also has magnificent beaches and forty traditional villages, as the philosopher Kastoriadis said, «the handmade Tinos.» This island is home to renowned great marble artists such as Gyzis, Lytras, Chalepas, Filippotis and Sochos, who have carried out the carved marble tradition of the island. According to legend, the famous sculptor of ancient times, Phidias, had taught the secrets of his art to the locals of this island. His admirable office is shown in the chapels, fountains, arches and dovecotes. In the town of Pyrgos there is the Museum of Marble Art, which is worth visiting as well as the Gallery of Artists of Tinos, located right next to the church of the Virgin Mary.

Tinos, as a whole, is a very interesting place to visit. One can enjoy its unspoilt architecture, its picturesque villages, its beautiful beaches, its traditional culture and its lifestyle.

The Holy Island of Cyclades

The Panhellenic festivals of the Virgin Mary on August 15 are complemented by other festivals such as Tsiknias and Exombourgo, as well as gastronomic fairs featuring artichokes and raki in Falatados, as well as the honey festival in Kampos. Tinos is a great destination for those who appreciate nature, architecture, art and culture.

Every year on August 15 hundreds of Christians flock to Tinos to see the procession of the miraculous painting. The Panagia Evangelistria icon is almost impossible to see, as it is hidden under the countless offerings that surround it.

The pilgrims begin their ascent from the port to the church on their knees. Take a look at this miracle of faith.

Live to the limits...

If you like sports, you've come to the right place. Mountaineering in Exomvourgo, bouldering in Volax, surfing in Megali Kolymbithra, diving and much more. Trekking is another option. Follow the old paths of the island to see remains of ancient communities, fountains, windmills, churches and dovecotes, lithographs and beautiful valleys.

If you like sports, you've come to the right place. Mountaineering in Exomvourgo, bouldering in Volax, surfing in Megali Kolymbithra, diving and much more. Trekking is another option. Follow the old paths of the island to see remains of ancient communities, fountains, windmills, churches and dovecotes, lithographs and beautiful valleys.

Pyrgos, Kardiani, Ysternia, Ktikado, Triantaros-Berdemiaros, Falatados, Loutra and Tripotamos are also charming towns worth visiting. The settlements of Tinos are like ornaments that adorn the hills and valleys of the island. As you walk through them, you will see marble everywhere: in the squares, the skylights and the fountains where you can refresh yourself with a glass of water. Rest in a typical cafe in the shade of plane trees for a coffee or a snack, such as Tinos cheese, tortas (smoked pork) and sweet raki.

Dovecotes, works of art Pigeon nests are emblematic of the Tinos terrain and are among the most spectacular works of art in the Cyclades: there are 600 lithographs in 600 slate and limestone nests. The pigeons will be flying, rejecting attempts to photograph them.

Volax: a lunar landscape in the Aegean. The village of Volax is surrounded by a strange plateau with massive stones. The stones are spherical, of various sizes and hundreds of years old, as if thrown by a giant. They are not meteorites, but a geological phenomenon caused by global erosion. A trip through the Kakovolo area, from Falatado to Panagia Kaki Skala, to enjoy the natural grandeur of this lunar terrain.

The peak of Mount Exomvourgo Exomvourgo Mountain, about 640 meters above sea level, stands out among the attractions of the island. At its feet is the Catholic monastery of Ieras Kardias (Sacred Heart), which is one of the most impressive places on the island. At the pinnacle, the citadel of Exomvourgo became the highest in the Aegean, but was attacked and destroyed by the Turks in 1715. From above, you can see the islands of Samos, Ikaria, Naxos, and Delos all while you inhale in the pure air. of the Aegean sea!


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