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According to the legend, when the Argonauts were returning from Colchis they were threatened by severe weather conditions and God Apollo led them to this small island to find refuge. There, the Argonauts built an altar in honor of God.

Anafi is the ideal island for those looking for quiet holidays, enjoy the beach and hiking. The 500 inhabitants of Anafi are very friendly and hospitable people who welcome the traveler and make him feel at home.

Anafi is located at the southeastern end of the Cyclades and east of Santorini. Its port is Agios Nikolaos and one kilometer away is its capital Chora built in a panoramic way on the top of a hill.

Well-known are the traditional celebrations of Anafi as Argonaftika and Yakinthea where all the inhabitants and visitors of the island come together and a great outdoor party is organized with live music, food, wine, and dancing.

Monastery Of Panagia Kalamiotissa

It is located at the top of Kalamos, where a path opens from the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (Kato Panagia), at an altitude of 460 m. While climbing, you can admire the abrupt and imposing landscape under the sounds of hawks and the hum of the air.

When you arrive, you will be amazed to see the elegant Temple of the Virgin with the white dome and the bell tower, while the view will leave you breathless when the blue sky and the sea merge in the thin line of the horizon.

To the capital...

In Anafi the houses typical of the island are impressive, they are low houses with domes on the roof to isolate them from the sun and the wind. Another attraction of the island is Mount Kalamos, an immense compact rock that rises to 461 meters above sea level – it is the highest in the Mediterranean after Gibraltar. The views of the sea from there will leave you breathless.

It was believed that the builders of Anafi were the best in the country, so when Athens was named the capital of Greece, during the reign of Otto, many moved to the continent. When in Athens, they lived at the foot of the Acropolis and, feeling nostalgic for their homeland, built their neighborhood in the traditional style. For this reason, the well-known neighborhood of Athens is called “Anafiotika”.

The beaches of Anafi

The best-known beach is Roukounas where you will also find many campers. It is a sandy beach with plenty of shade thanks to the tamarisk trees. Next to Roukounas is the small beach of Agioi Anargiroi near the church with the same name. One of the most isolated beaches on the island is Vagia, with thermal springs and pebbles.

Near the port, there is the beach of Agios Nikolaos. Its waters are crystal clear and nearby are small taverns and coffee shops. To the east of this beach, there is the organized beach of Klisidi that is favored by families.

Mount Kalamos , the tallest monolith in the eastern Mediterranean, is located on the eastern side of the island and is the most notable natural feature. According to a French visitor of the s. XVIII, is "the most terrifying rock in the world." Tournefort is very popular with expert climbers.

On the outskirts of Kalamos is located Drakontospilo, which is approached by a rough path. It is an interesting cave with stalactites and stalagmites. From there, you can find a herd of seals that, according to residents, appears regularly in the area.


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Anafi, is the ideal Greek island for those looking for quiet holidays, enjoying the beach and hiking.


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