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Circuito Cultural Argolida y Olimpia


2 days


Arrival and departure: Athens - International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos


Plane and bus

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English & Spanish (according to availability)

Our tour starts in Athens and continues to Corinth and its famous Canal, which connects the Aegean and Ionian seas. This project has been around several engineers since ancient times. However, it was only with the cooperation of several countries that it became a reality in 1893. It is a work that is impressive and breathtaking once you stand on its bridge. It is 6.3 km long, 21 m wide, more than 80 meters high and only 8 meters deep in its waters. With luck, you will be able to see and photograph one of the 11,000 ships that pass through it each year.

The tour continues to the Epidaurus Theatre, the best-preserved Greek theater of all time, and then to the archaeological site of Mycenae.

Visitors to Olympia will be able to see the most famous ancient Greek sanctuary dedicated to Zeus, as well as the birthplace of the world's greatest athletics event, the Olympic Games.

An ideal trip to get to know two of the most important places of worship in Greece. We will tour the Peloponnese with a specialized guide and experience the famous Greek spirit.

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We begin our tour by traveling towards the Corinth Canal, where we will make our first stop in the Peloponnese region. We will start our tour at the Epidaurus Theatre, famous for its acoustics. Then we will go to the archaeological site and museum of Mycenae.

At the end of the visit, lunch and departure to Olympia.

Accommodation: Olympia

Micenas Agamemnon Peloponeso



After breakfast, we will tour the facilities of the old Olympic Stadium, which hosted the first Olympic Games. Then we will go to the Archaeological Museum of Olympia.

Return to Athens around 6:30pm.


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