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Corinth is the first prefecture after Athens located towards south. Only about 80 km away is its capital Corinth, a city by the sea of about 30,000 inhabitants.

Always present in history, from the wars that participated with the Hellenes, to the epistles of the New Testament, it offers several sites of archaeological and historical interest. At the same time, Corinth is a rich land where a variety of agricultural products are produced with their famous olive trees / oils, their wines and especially the «Currants». A product recognized worldwide for its high quality.

If you have time, do not miss the opportunity to pay a visit to one of the wineries in the area, where some of the best Greek wines come with Domination of Origin.

The visitor has a variety of archaeological sites that can be visited, among which the most important are the Ancient Corinth and the Acrocorinth castle that served as the Acropolis of the area.

“Antigua Corinto” y el castillo de “Acrocorintos” que fue la Acrópolis de la zona.

Finally, Corinth like most areas of Greece offers a wide range of beaches, both organized and unspoiled beaches where the pines touch the sand.

Do not miss the opportunity to bathe in the lake/sea of Vouliagmeni and visit Heraion of Perachora, a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera that is next to the sea.


“el lago/mar de Vouliagmeni” y visitar el “Hereo de Perachora”. Un templo dedicado a la diosa Hera que se encuentra al lado del mar.

Corinth Canal

Even so, the most famous attraction in the whole region is the Corinth Canal, a channel that connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea. The idea of this project was going around by several engineers since antiquity. But it only became reality in 1893 with the cooperation of several countries. With 6.3 km long, 21 m wide, more than 80 meters high and only 8 deep in its waters, it is a work that impresses and cuts your breath once you are on your bridge.

For the brave, the channel is the most famous place to practice bungee jumping in Greece. A truly unique place to practice this extreme sport worldwide.


in Peloponnese


When in Corinth, don't forget to visit the Canal of Corinth, Ancient Corinth and the Acrocorintos castle, as well as the Hereo de Perachora.


For the Greeks Kalavryta is a city symbol of freedom; an ideal destination for nature lovers throughout the year and an impressive ski resort.

Mesenia (Messinia)

As in a fairy tale, Messenia is a region of contrasts; the bay of Voidokilia, the castle of Koroni, Pylos and the impressive Polilimnio.


Home to one of the most important civilizations of antiquity, Mycenae is the treasure trove of Argolis in Peloponnese.


Also called "Gibraltar of the East", Monemvasia reveals a medieval mystery. A unique destination in Peloponnese that will leave you speechless.


Nafplion, in Peloponnese, a few hours from Athens, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.


Olympia , the most famous sanctuary in ancient Greece dedicated to Zeus and the birthplace of the most important athletics event of all time, the Olympic Games.

The Peninsula of Mani

Let yourself be carried away by the wild beauty of the rocks by the sea, discover Mani and its most revealing spots!

Theater of Epidaurus

The Theatre of Epidaurus, the best preserved with the best acoustics of all the ancient theatres, is one of the best monuments in Peloponnese.