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Birdwatching in Northern Greece


more than 3 days


Arrival and Departure: Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia


Plane and rental car

Greece is best known for its islands, its gastronomy and the friendliness of its people. But what is not known is its nature. Greece is in a 'strategic' place, it is between Africa and Europe, so it is important for bird migration, just like Spain.

The northern part of Greece is not as well known as its islands, but it borders four different countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Albania. What is called the Balkans is an immemorial mountainous area that includes innumerable species of birds, mammals, plants, etc.

In northern Greece, there are several strategic areas for birds, as the English describe as hot spots. That, depending on the area, you can see wintering birds that can only be seen in Eastern Europe, such as the little goose, the spotted eagle, although there is an individual in Spain that hibernates in the Valencian community.

At Trip Tailors we offer you some original bird watching activities from Thessaloniki. Accompanied by a bird expert, these activities will introduce you to the magical fauna and flora of northern Greece. You will witness the different species of birds, taste the local food and visit protected national parks, all combined with visits to the cultural and historical monuments from Thessaloniki, Vergina and many more.

By Trip Tailors

This trip can be adjusted to your specific needs. Fill out the contact form with the travel dates, your budget, number of travelers and anything else you consider essential for us in order to send you our personalized proposal.

Actividades de observación de aves


Kekrini Lake


Axios Delta - Loudias - Aliakmon


Evros Delta


Dadia National Park - Soufli - Lefkimi


Kekrini Lake

Kerkini Lake is located an hour and a half by national highway (100 km) from Thessaloniki, Kerkini Lake is an artificial lake that was created in the 1930s after the construction of a dam , with which I generate an ideal space for migratory and non-migratory birds.

Kerkini Lake is a national park, and since then various European projects have been carried out and ecotourism has developed quite a lot in recent years. 

Up to 300 species have been observed and it is one of the previously mentioned hot spots for bird watching lovers. 

One of the villages that are located around the lake is called Litoxoro where you can take guided tours by boat to see up close the brand new common pelican and browed pelican breeding in Kerkini.

Kerkini is the wintering area of the lesser white-fronted goose (with only 60 individuals in the European population), it usually arrives from mid-September to mid-March, when it migrates to its breeding area.

You can taste buffalo meat and its variants in one of the most acclaimed taverns in the area, an old train station rehabilitated into a rural restaurant. 


Axios Delta - Loudias - Aliakmon

The delta of Axios – Loudias – Aliakmon is located 10 km southeast of Thessaloniki and can be accessed by car by conventional road. It is a declared natural park with different routes that can be done by car or on foot.

Axios stands out for being a wintering region and migratory passage for a wide range of species. Due to its proximity to the city of Thessaloniki, many bird watchers and photographers visit it on weekends to observe birds. It is also ideal for visitors traveling around Thessaloniki who want to relax and explore the nature of the area.

This visit can be combined with other sites around Thessaloniki, such as Lake Koroneia, another natural park, and the Kouri mountains, where you can observe the masked shrike, the booted eagle, the short-toed snake eagle, the long-legged buzzard and other birds.


Evros Delta

The Evros delta is one of the largest deltas in Greece and another of the country's natural regions, home to a large number of wintering, migratory and breeding species.

It is located in a strategic area for three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, so the variety of species is unique. The closest city with an airport is Alexandroupolis, it is 15 minutes away by car by national highway.

You will be able to see a great variety of northern European species such as the lesser white-fronted goose, birds of prey such as the white-tailed eagle hunting in the vicinity of the delta, imperial eagle, black-headed bunting, spur-winged lapwing, etc.

En el parque se han avistado 317 especies. La época ideal para la observación de aves es la primavera y el otoño-invierno donde muchas especies abandonan sus zonas de cría en el norte de Europa para dirigirse a zonas con temperaturas más cálidas.


Dadia National Park - Soufli - Lefkimi

The Dadia forest is immensely known in the world of bird watching, for being one of the only areas in Europe where you can see the greatest variety of birds of prey in all of Europe, such as the imperial eagle, golden eagle, European eagle, lesser spotted eagle, Greek falcon, etc.

The park consists of a dunghill managed by the park authorities where guided tours are held and vultures and raptors can be observed.

It is also known for hosting the only colony of black vultures besides Spain in Eastern Europe, you can also observe the Eurasian griffon vulture and the Egyptian vulture .

The park has different routes that can be done on foot from the town of Dadia, which has less than 500 inhabitants but in which there is a rural hotel and several taverns to taste the traditional food of the area.