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The southernmost island of Sporades is only three and a half hours from Athens. Several Greek tales about famous heroes like Lykomedes, Theseus, Achilles, and Neoptolemus are linked to the island of Skyros. Over the years, a variety of invaders left their traces, which are wonderfully portrayed in the island's traditions, customs, and architecture. Skyros offers a unique experience for everyone, whether you are a fan of adventure or long for carefree moments in the sun.

The main feature of the island is its distinctive landscape; the northern part is dominated by lush pine forests and green landscapes, while the southern part has a wild but alluring beauty.

In Magazia you can visit the chapel of Agios Georgios, while you can admire the old quarry in “Pouria”. Here is the church of Agios Nikolaos, which was carved into the rock. Aspous is a charming beach town located 4.5 kilometers south of Hóra. According to legend, Achilles began his journey to Troy from the nearby Achilli Bay. Acherounes, located 10 kilometers south of Hora, is a seaside town that attracts many lovers of water sports due to its endless stretch of sandy beaches.

The Secrets of Skyros

Pefkos is a wooded waterway with an attractive beach. You can visit the church of Agios Panteleimonas, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the sea. Atsitsa is a seaside town named after the neighboring island, located 18.5 kilometers west of Hora. It is tucked away in a beautiful setting surrounded by trees and granite formations. It is a popular site for those interested in alternative tourism.

Discover the island's best kept "secret": there are several sea caves with stalactites near the pier (Xyloparati, Mantroucha, Pentekali, Diatrypti, Gerania). Small boats provide excursions to these caverns, which can be accessed through arched doorways in the rocks just outside the Linaria dock.

Between colours and culture

A large number of customs reflect a centuries-old heritage that has remained almost intact over time. Throughout the year, the colorful cultural activities and local festivals that take place in the island's 365 churches provide tourists with an incredible experience in beautiful local flair. Among the best known cultural events is the Carnival of Skyros.

Between the walls

Arriving on the island, you will come across the charming port of Linaria. Just 10 kilometers away is the beautiful Chóra, which was created in an amphitheater shape around a Byzantine fortress that once stood on the site of the historic citadel (acropolis). Walking through the cobbled alleys, you can see the distinctive design of the buildings; its flat roofs are a classic example of traditional island architecture, but with local characteristics, particularly in terms of interior decoration.

A walk through the cobbled streets of Chóra reveals notable monuments and places of interest. The Byzantine castle, where you will see the walled marble lion (dragon) and the ruins of the Cyclopean and Byzantine walls. The view of the sea and the rest of the Northern Sporades is impressive. Among the offerings is the gold medal of Spyros Louis, the first Greek Olympic winner.

Among the many attractions are the Manos and Anastasia Faltaits Museum of Folk Art, which was created in 1964. The Palaiopyrgos (Historic Tower), the largest tower of the ancient Pelasgian wall of the island. The modest stone theater, which hosts important cultural events during the summer, such as the "Skyros Festival". The Archaeological Museum houses artifacts from the early Helladian period to the Roman period.


in Sporades


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