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Citizens of the European Union can travel with their D.N.I. or your valid passport without the need for a visa.

For citizens of other countries, it is advisable to inquire at the Greek Embassy in your country or on the website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Emergencies: 166

Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies on call: 1434

Police: 100

Tourist Police: 1571

Communicating in Greece will be very easy even if your level of English is not very good.

Most of the population speaks Greek and another language and is used to dealing with tourists and they will know how to help you with whatever you need. In fact, most of the signs of the directions of the country can be read in both Greek and Latin alphabet.

In Greece you won’t be hungry! You can eat at all hours, most of the establishments are open throughout the day and there are those that serve food during the night until the early hours of the morning.

The climate in Greece is Mediterranean with more than 260 days of sunshine a year. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit both the islands and the mainland, the temperatures are very pleasant, it is not very hot and the days are long. Although summer is hot, it is the best time to get to know the islands and the coast, enjoy the beach and activities in the sea.

It is very important to find out if any of the popular “panigíria” festivities are celebrated on the dates you are traveling through Greece, the mixture of orthodox worship with pagan celebrations, from ancient times, are at the end of the day. Legends, spells, rites and superstitions are still faithfully reflected in rural areas and are reflected in popular festivals. Folk dances are colorful and lively. If you have the opportunity, be sure to attend any of these celebrations. The dances, the music, the wine, the food and especially the company of the Greeks are fantastic.

The most important things to bring are sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Clothing must be light and shoes comfortable.

If you travel during the summer, a swimsuit and flip-flops for the beach are essential. If you plan to travel to the islands by ferry, it is better to carry anti-seasickness pills in your backpack. Many times the wind is strong and many journeys take a long time. For the afternoons, it is advisable to bring an anti-mosquito cream and a scarf or jacket for the nights on the islands that tend to cool.