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Thessaloniki, took its name from the sister of Alexander the Great and wife of its founder, Cassander of Macedon.

It is the second largest city in Greece and was founded in 315 BC.

Thessaloniki has always been a crossroads of civilizations, a place where the East meets the West and where great cultures and religions have been mixed. The entire city is an open-air museum and was one of the first centers of Christianity.

The importance of Thessaloniki in the past can be understood considering that fifteen of its Paleocristian and Byzantine churches and monuments have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. The mosaics of the Rotunda, the church of Saint Dimitrios and Saint David of Thessaloniki are among the most important masterpieces of paleo-Christian art.

Thessaloniki today is a modern city, elegant and vibrant, its people are hospitable and very lively. Visitors to Thessaloniki fall in love with the city and Greek traditions. The compact size of the city and the proximity to the main attractions make Thessaloniki an ideal destination to relax, have fun and know the melting pot of cultures of this charming city and its surroundings.

The Aristotelous square with its monumental mansions takes us to Nikis Avenue and the promenade that stretches from the port to the Auditorium overlooking the Gulf of Thermaikos, the statue of Alexander the Great and Mount Olympos. The numerous cafes and bars next to each other with good music and atmosphere invite the visitor to enter. On the seafront is also the White Tower, symbol of the city of Thessaloniki, built in the sixteenth century. The White Tower was part of the fortification of the city and was later used by the Turks as a place of execution.

A very pleasant walk can be taken by ‘Kastra’, the old city walls that extend along its perimeter. From the top, the view of the city is amazing. In the old town you can see old and traditional houses as well as Byzantine baths that continue to defy time, as well as some cafes and restaurants where you can feel the atmosphere of times past.

Thessaloniki is a culinary paradise where you can eat at all hours and taste dishes that surprise by their flavor.

Thessaloniki’s taverns, restaurants and bakeries are famous all over the country. The old quarter of Ladadika located west of the city was 40 years ago the center of wholesale trade.  Nowadays it is famous for the culinary delights that are offered in small or large restaurants and bars (some of them with live music) located in the old shops lost between the stone alleys of this district of Thessaloniki.

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