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Mani, Peloponeso, Peloponnese, Limeni

The Peninsula of Mani

The peninsula of Mani is located in the middle of the three peninsulas of the South of Peloponnese where the Ionian Sea meets with the Aegean Sea. More than 96 traditional villages with their houses and stone towers, impressive caves, Byzantine churches, beautiful beaches and local cuisine make Mani a unique destination to go by car all year round.

Let yourself be carried away by the wild beauty of the rocks by the sea, discover Lakoniki Mani and its most revealing points!


A walk through the cobbled streets with their tower houses is like traveling in the past. The Church of Taxiarhes on the southern side of Plateia 17 Martiou, the Towers of Kapetanakos, Mparelakou and Pikoula are some of the main sights in Areopoli… Enjoy your stay in traditional houses and taste the local food in their typical taverns.


Limeni is a magical place! it is a small bay with deep blue waters and stone houses, literally built hanging from the rocky hillside. This small village that formerly belonged to the Mavromichali family today is considered one of the most picturesque places in Greece and is known for its fish taverns and lovely views at sunset.


Built on a hill overlooking the bay, Itylo is a town steeped in history. According to Homer during the Mycenaean period, this city belonged to the Kingdom of Menelaus and took part in the war of Troy. Today the area is a perfect destination to relax.

The Diros Caves

At 4 kilometers away from the village of Pyrgos Dirou lies a secret underground world, divided into three caves, Aleotrypa, Katafigi and Glyfada. Take the boat that will take you along the 1,600-meter long underground river where the magic of color and the beautiful shapes of stalactites and stalagmites create a unique spectacle.


Further south of the Mani peninsula is Gerolimenas, a small coastal town of wild natural beauty protected by the Cavo Grosso (or Great Cape).  Gerolimenas derives from the Greek words «Ieri Limni» which means «sacred port». This town was a port of great interest. Try fresh fish at the seashore and enjoy the tranquility and fascinating sea view.


On the way to Tainaro you will find a small town called Vathia where small towers emerge from the palms of a hillside. These fortresses were initially built in the 18th and 19th centuries with a traditional architectural style and were used as defensive battlements. In the 1980s several of these buildings were restored thanks to the ambitious project of the Greek Ministry of Tourism. A walk through the alleys of Vathia will transport you to the past.

A little further south of Vathia you can choose one of the two sand bays and crystal clear waters to enjoy the sea before continuing towards Cape Tainaron.

Cape Tainaron (Cape Matapan or Cape Tenaro)

Explore the southernmost point of mainland Greece and the Balkan peninsula, where the ancient Greeks mark the area as a passage to the underworld. Begin your walk through the Church of the Asomaton, built with stones from the ancient temple of Poseidon. Take direction east to see the sea cave, where Hercules faced Cerberus. You can also go west, where you can admire the remains of an ancient Roman settlement. From here take the road about 45 minutes to reach the Akrotainaro lighthouse where the Ionian meets the Aegean Sea.

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