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Athens Half-Day City Tour (in Group)

Athens Half-Day City Tour


4 hours

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Group tour

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Spanish, English, Greek

An ideal tour to introduce you to the greatness of the most important city of the ancient world, the symbolic city of civilization, theater, and democracy.

Athens is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, having over 3000 years of documented history and allusions dating back up to 6000 years.

Today, as Greece’s capital, it is the biggest city, home to about half of the country’s population.

Taking these facts into consideration, the visitor might envisage Athens as an urban museum where historical epochs can be seen in its streets and hidden treasures.

Surrounded by the mountains of Hymettus, Penteli, and Parnitha, and facing the sea towards the Saronic Gulf, the Athenians ruled everything from the city’s core, particularly the Parthenon atop Acropolis.

Join us as we discover Athens’ architectural marvels and learn about the history of the sacred rock of the Acropolis.

During our group city tour, we will:

  • take a panoramic bus tour
  • visit the rock of the Acropolis with a guide and learn about the history of that great city

By Trip Tailors

  • Price per person from 55€

It is advisable to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes with rubber sole
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Solar protection

* Official Guide
* Entrance fees
* Panoramic bus tour 

* Any activity not included in the excursion program
* Meals and Drinks
* Tips
* Personal expenses 

Your steps


Panathenaic Stadium (Kalimármaro)


Temple of Zeus


Syntagma Square


Omonoia Square


Acropolis - Parthenon

Panathenaic Stadium (Kalimármaro)

We begin our tour of Athens with the “Panathenaic Stadium” or “Kalimarmaro,” which was the Olympic stadium of antiquity and was reformed for the first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896.

Temple of Zeus

We continue passing in front of the temple of “Olympian Zeus,” which was the greatest temple dedicated to Zeus in the Hellenic world, and “Hadrian’s Arch” which was built in honor of the great roman emperor to welcome his arrival in Athens.

Syntagma Square

We then reach the square of Syntagma (Constitution Square) where the Greek parliament is housed, a prime example of the neoclassical architecture, as well as the memorial to the “Unknown Soldier”. There, every hour you can observe the changing of guards, a ritual performed by evzones, the members of the Presidential Guard.

Recorrido a pie en Atenas, Athens walking tour

Omonoia Square

Our tour will also take us around Omonoia Square (Concorde Square), Athens’ second most prominent square which used to be the commercial center of the city.

Acropolis - Parthenon

As we arrive at Acropolis, we will have a guided tour so that we can delve into the history of one of the most important landmarks at a universal level, the sacred rock of the Acropolis. The Parthenon, the temple of Goddess Athena, sits in the most prominent location as a symbol of democracy and a reminder of the Golden Years that the city had under Pericles during the magnificent 5th century BC. In addition to the huge doric temple, the Erechtheion, an ionic temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, will also captivate any visitor. Erechteion’s Maiden porch, whose use is still unspecified, is known as the “Caryatid Porch” because of the six korai that were utilized in place of regular ionic columns. Nowadays, you can view replicas of the sculptures on-site. Five of the originals are on display in the New Acropolis Museum (optional visit; please contact us for a guided tour), while the sixth is at the British Museum.

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