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Excursion to Delos and Mykonos (Day Trip)

Full day tour to Mykonos & Delos


approx. 8 hours

Tour type

Group tour

Available in

Spanish, English, Greek

A full-day tour to the Greek islands of Delos and Mykonos. Take a walk around the sacred island of Delos and see one of Greece’s most important ancient monuments, a spectacular location that has been described as an open archaeological museum.

Delos was the holy island of the deity Apollo in ancient times. Leto, Apollo’s mother, gave birth on this island that sprang out of nowhere from the sea, according to mythology. Delos was the most significant religious center of antiquity; it also served as a political and administrative center for the League of Delos, an alliance of ancient towns.

During your visit to the island, you can visit:

  • The commercial port features a mosaic-tiled square flanked by columns and warehouses
  • The Temples of Apollo, the Doric Temple, the Athenian and the Porinos Naos of Apollo (“Poros Temple”), where there is a sanctuary with an altar for sacrifices, the Dionysos Temple, and the Aphrodite and Hermes Temples
  • The Naxians’ Oikos is Delos’ oldest monument, a holy rectangular temple with eight columns in the middle
  • The Monument of the Bulls (Neorium) was a massive structure in the sanctuary’s eastern zone
  • The Terrace of the Lions was originally a colossal collection of stone lions. It is a marble sculpture ensemble devoted to Apollo. Only five of the sixteen lions are preserved in their entirety, while three are only partially saved
  • The Theater, which has a seating capacity of 5000 people and is located on the hillside of Mount Cyntus
  • The House of the Dolphins, the House of the Masks, and the House of Dionysus, all with spectacular mosaics, are worth a visit. 
  • Do not miss the Archaeological Museum of Delos, which houses all of the island’s excavation results. 
  • After Delos, we will go to Mykonos, one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, where you will have free time to meander about the city’s tiny streets, have a calm coffee in little Venice, see the view from the windmills, and perhaps go for a brief dip. We return to Naxos in the afternoon.

By Trip Tailors

Price per person 

  • Adults: 50€
  • Children 6-12 years old: 25€
  • Children younger than 6 years old: free

It is advisable to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes with rubber sole
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Solar protection

Boat trip: Naxos – Delos – Mykonos – Naxos

* Entrance to Delos 
* Any activity not included in the excursion program
* Meals and Drinks
* Tips
* Personal expenses

Free cancellation up to 5 days before departure, after 5 days, 100% charge

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