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Steep mountains, hidden coves, traditional villages and natural beauty make up the landscape of the Epirus region (Epirus) in Greece.

In Epirus, people seem to blend with the earth. Between the Pindus mountain range and the Ionian Sea, you will discover a different side of Greece. In Epirus, the mountain peaks, the ravines, peculiar species of plants and animals, lakes, rivers and sandy beaches complement the ancient ruins of Dodoni. Medieval castles, arched bridges, monasteries and dozens of stone villages will take your breath away.

The destinations are many and varied, creating a wide range of options to spend the holidays throughout the year. From the picturesque village of Zagorohoria, Metsovo and Tzoumerka, to the beautiful city of Ioannina and the summer resorts of Parga and Sivota. Epirus will welcome you at any time of year and fulfill the promise to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Small coves and hidden beaches

Idyllic sandy beaches with blue-green waters that lie on the coast between Sivota, Parga and Preveza. Hotels and tourist apartments, taverns and beach bars in the sand, water sports and everything one needs to spend a few relaxing days on the beach.

Mountains and rivers

High mountains and rivers offer thrill filled with adrenaline. You can go kayaking along the Aoös (or Vjosë) and Voidomatis rivers. Walk along the banks of the Acheron river, cross the Vikos Gorge, follow the Vitsa stairs dating from the 17th century, in the Ambracian Gulf you can enjoy birdwatching and also visit lake Pamvotis in Ioannina.

The local culture

The history of Epirus is incredibly rich. Here you will find the magnificent archaeological site of Dodoni, Nicopolis and Necromanteion (ancient greek temple of necromancy). In Ioannina, you can visit the castle and the Byzantine museum.

In Zagorochoria you can discover attraction like monasteries like those of Saint John in Rogovou and Saint Paraskevi being the most notable.

Along Epirus, you can admire works of traditional crafts of all kinds, from stonemasonry (stonecraft) to the delicate art of silverware in Ioannina. Discover the wonderful virgin villages in the district of Zagoria, Metsovo, Syrrako and Kalarrytes and enjoy their exceptional architecture. The arched stone bridges that dot the landscape are Kalogeriko in Kipi, Plaka, Konitsa, and the most famous of all, the Bridge of Arta.

The culinary specialties of Epirus

The pastoral heritage of Epirus translates into a strong preponderance of meat and dairy products. They are famous for their feta cheese, meat dishes such as kleftiko and homemade puff pastry filled with anything you can imagine: zucchini, meat, chicken and cheese are some of the options, well know throughout Greece. Each place is a culinary destination with its own specialty: enjoy the shrimps in the Ambracian Gulf, frog legs, sweets such as milk cake, kataifi, baklava, bougatsa in Ioannina; Cheese, pasta, wine and rice cake in Metsovo. Zitsa is known for its sparkling wine and bottled water, which is sold under the names of Vikos and Tzoumerka.

The most popular attractions in Epirus

  1. Zagoria: Villages like Mikro and Megalo Papingo, Monodendri and Aristi
  2. The Vikos–Aoös National Park: A unique geological phenomenon that will offer unforgettable experiences such as crossing the gorge of Vikos and admire the steep peaks of Mount Tymfi

  3. The mountain alpine lake of Drakolimni: The lake of the «dragon» dating from the Ice Age, located at 2 km above sea level. The largest can be found in Smolikas and Gamila, simply breathtaking.

  4. Konitsa Bridge: The rivers Aoös and Voidomatis meet on this famous bridge

  5. Metsovo: Village at an altitude of 1,160 meters, surrounded by the impressive landscape of the mountain range of Pindus, is a living museum of traditional crafts (wooden objects and textiles), dairy products and wine

  6. Metsovo: Pueblo a una altitud de 1.160 metros, rodeado por el impresionante paisaje de las montañas del Pindo, es un museo vivo de la artesanía tradicional (objetos de madera y textiles), productos lácteos y vino.
  7. Ioannina: One of the most beautiful cities in Greece. You will discover Lake Pamvotida and its famous island dotted with Byzantine monasteries.

  8. Syrrako and Kalarrytes: Two beautiful stone villages, a destination of exceptional beauty in Western Greece

  9. The waterfalls of Tzoumerka: Two giant waterfalls of 125 meters in height

  10. Parga and Preveza: Two coastal towns with lots of charm and very beautiful promenades


in Epirus


Considered as a hidden mountain treasure, Zagori with the Vikos Gorge and 46 traditional villages is an ideal destination for nature lovers.