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Zagori, Greece, Vikos Gorge


Zagori is a region in the Pindos mountain range. The 46 villages that compose it are also known as Zagoria (or Zagorochoria).

It is one of the most recommended destinations for a trip in nature. Zagoria is considered a treasure hidden in the mountain with the beauty of nature in its entire splendor.

Picturesque narrow streets and arched stone bridges connect small towns with charming accommodations, upscale boutique hotels and an on-site gastronomy that caters to all tastes.

Adventure sports lovers will find here ancient trails, ravines and rivers for trekking, hiking, horseback riding and much more…


Vikos Gorge, a unique geological phenomenon: a schism on earth that could only have been created by a divine hand. The narrowest part of the two sides is 1,100 m wide and its depth reaches 900 meters. Vikos Gorge is the kingdom of the eagles, of peculiar medicinal herbs and steep vertical rocks. It starts from the Kokoros Bridge and ends at the Aristi Bridge. Passing through it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Megalo Papigo and Mikro Papigo are two towns of great beauty. The Megalo Papigo is the first one we found coming from Ioannna and the Mikro Papigo is 3 km from Megalo Papigo. A walk through these beautiful villages will leave you with beautiful images. Between the two villages you will find an unexpected surprise, Kolombithres or Rogovo Ovires, natural pools where you can bathe during the summer months.

The majestic towers of Astrakas are huge rock formations, one of the peaks of Mount Timfi with an altitude of 2,436m. The view from below of the snowy peaks is spectacular.

The paleo glacial lakes Drakolimnes: The lakes of the “dragon” dating from the Ice Age, located 2 km above sea level. The largest can be found in Smolikas and Gamila, simply breathtaking. They took their name from microscopic amphibians called alpine newts. To get to Drakolimni you need a walk of about 4 hours.

Zagorohoria, handicrafts and traditions, Aristi, Monodendri, Vikos, Dilofo, Kapesovo, Tsepelovo and Kipi. Villages built as a circle and in the center of each one is a square with a large banana, a fountain, a church and a cafe. You will be impressed with houses built of carved white stone and ancient churches with their rich history. The architecture of Zagorohoria is a source of inspiration and education for architects. The stone art of the craftsmen is something unique.

Skala Vardetou, built with exceptional art and in perfect harmony with the landscape, used to be the only way to go from the village Vradeto to Kapesovo. Step by step you can admire the skill of the craftsman and his infinite patience with which this unique path was built.

The monasteries of Agia Paraskevi of the sixteenth century and the Spileotissas which literally tilts on a cliff that disembarks in the river Voidomatis.

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