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Skiathos, the most cosmopolitan island of the Sporades, is a true paradise on earth, with lush pine forests and crystalline blue waters. Despite the rapid growth of tourism in recent decades, the island remains picturesque and unspoiled.

Skiathos, with its delirious nightlife, is a real pleasure for visitors and especially for young people who are looking for the freedom to dance to the beat of their favorite music in a lively and fun atmosphere.

The pedestrian street in the old port is the access point to entertainment! A crowd of pubs side by side with good music and dancing people await you to start the party night which will continue in the Ammoudia (on the way to the airport) where partygoers flock to big clubs free!

Popular festivals, concerts and art exhibitions throughout the summer give a special touch to island vacations!

The beaches of Skiathos

With over 60 wonderful and clean beaches it is the ideal destination to enjoy the sea. The most famous beach in Skiathos is Koukounaries, which has been declared the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. Koukounaries is also known for its pine forest whose needles “touch” the water and offer a unique natural shade. Strofilia, a wetland located among the pine forest, has been declared a protected area due to its enormous ecological value.

Bannana (or Krassa) is a wonderful beach surrounded by pine trees that attracts young people thanks to its facilities for water sports and the frenzied parties that take place in its cafes and bars all day and all night!

The Little Bananna (Small Bannana), next to Bannana, is ideal for those who want to avoid the crowds and are looking for some peace and quiet. It is famous for its crystal clear waters and pine trees.

Those who want to get away from the crowds should also examine the western part of the island: Mandraki, Elia, Agkistros and Small and Big Aselinos are all ideal options to escape the crowds.

Lalaria, in the northeastern part of the island, is the type of beach that is only found once in a lifetime. Stunning rock formations; Small round pebbles (which is what “lalaria” means in Greek), very clean waters and the imposing “hollow rock” on the beach, offer a beautiful natural setting that will leave you breathless.

Note: you can only reach the beach by boat from the port of Skiathos.

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