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Serifos is the ideal island for a quiet holiday as it has been very little affected by the growth of tourism.

Its villages bathed in sunlight, golden beaches and beautiful landscapes invite the visitor to disconnect and relax.

According to mythology, Perseus and his mother Danae arrived on the island locked inside a chest. Perseus took revenge of King Polydectes, King of Serifos by killing the Medusa mermaid and showing the severed head of the mermaid to him. Polydectes while facing the head of medusa, froze in horror.

Ulysses also passed through Serifos. On his return trip to Ithaca he stopped at Serifos by Cyclops Polyphemus who kept him captive in his terrible cave. In the bay of Kutala the inhabitants of Serifos show the rock that Polyphemos threw to Ulysses when he managed to escape.

Apart from the 72 wonderful beaches of Serifos, the visitor has a great variety of activities that can enjoy, such as:

  • Hiking or mountain biking on 7 marked trails.
  • Climbing on the Piperi islet north of Serifos, which has the perfect relief and morphology for lovers of that sport.
  • Dive in the background of some old mines (Megalo Livadi) or a wreck of World War II (Kalo Ampeli).
  • Watch the sunset at Agios Konstantinos, the most beautiful church on the island, visit the monastery-fortress of the Archangels (16th century BC).
  • Strolling through the center of the Earth, it is literally a journey into the bowels of the earth!

From the central gallery of a mine in Megalo Livadi the visitor crosses an entire mountain and ends at Kalogerou beach (Koutalas bay). Derived bridges, rails and transport trolleys constitute an evocative, unforgettable landscape for those who are lucky enough to stroll through this underground museum.

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