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Rethymno is located between Lefka Ori and Monte Psiloritis (also called “Idi”), it is synonymous with beautiful mountainous landscapes, wonderful beaches, Cretan lyre melodies, “tsikoudia”, legendary caves, historical monasteries, traditional villages and luxury resorts.

The city of Rethymno is one of Greece’s best-preserved medieval cities: the Venetian fortress blends harmoniously with Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques, grand mansions of Venetian architecture and cobbled streets to create a wonderful atmosphere.

The surroundings of Rethymnon

The Lake of Preveli: at the point where the “Kourtaliotis” gorge ends and the “Megalos Potamos” flows, there is Lake Preveli, a sandy cove with a palm grove. An almost tropical landscape with rich vegetation, blue-green waters and sandy beach.

The Nida plateau: is located in mount Psiloritis to 79 km of Rethymno. The main attraction are the “Mitata”, vaulted stone huts where pastors live. It is an ideal destination for skiing during the winter months.

Argyroupoli: At 27 kilometers from Rethymno is Argyroupoli, a village built on the remains of the ancient city of Lappas. It is worth visiting the numerous springs, the cave and the chapel of the same name.

Gorges of extraordinary beauty cross the mountains of the region: the ravine of Kourtaliotis, 3 km long, ends at the famous Preveli Lake; The gorge of Kotsifou begins from the town of Kanevos and ends near the town Selia; The Patsos Gorge, in the Amari district; The ravine of Prasses, which ends in the village of Platanias on the northeast coast of the city of Rethymno; Finally, the Arkadi Gorge and a series of smaller ones.

The mountains of the Rethymno region are exceptionally rich in caves. The most famous caves are those of Gerani, Simonelli to the west of the city of Rethymno, Saint Antony in the district of Amari, Melidoni, Moygri Sisson and Sfendoni near the town of Zoniana. The cave of Ideon Andron, in which Zeus was created according to mythology, represents an important place of worship, both in the Minoan and the Roman era.

Important archaeological findings indicate that the area has flourished from the Stone Age to Roman and Early Christian times. Minoan finds, cemeteries, Roman cities and Hellenistic remains have been discovered, the most important being Eleftherna, an ancient settlement inhabited until the eighth century, as well as the Armenian cemetery with more than 350 underground tombs.

Ecclesiastical monuments such as stone chapels on Mount Psiloritis, historic monasteries and paleo-Christian basilicas enrich your visit to the island. A monastery of great historical importance is the Arkadi Monastery of the XV century that rises imposingly on the homonymous gorge and Preveli.

Embark on a return trip on time through your visit to traditional villages like Adele, Anoyia, Rustika, Garazo and Chromonastiri and feel the original Cretan atmosphere.

Here you can taste delicious local specialties such as: cooked goat with tomato, hilopites (homemade pasta) and snails with vegetables – always accompanied with a shot of tsikoudia!

The Beaches of Rethymno

Rethymno: sandy beach of over 20 km long, stretching from the city of Rethymno across the east side of the area.

Panormos: This coastal town is located 20 km east of Rethymno. It has an organized beach with many taverns and hotels.

Bali: Nestled in the surrounding mountains of Bali bay lies the seaside village of Bali, 34 km east of Rethymno.

Plakias: The village of Plakias is located 40 km south of Rethymno, has a magnificent sandy beach and a well-organized tourist infrastructure that includes facilities for water sports.

Agia Galini: located 58 kilometers south of Rethymno, the complex offers a well-organized tourist infrastructure and crystal-clear beaches.

Beach Preveli: The beach of Preveli or “Palm Beach” (Finikas) is located on the south coast of Crete, 40 km from Rethymno. The palm grove and the small lagoon make this soft sandy beach a truly unique exotic spot!

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