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Paros & Antiparos

Paros & Antiparos


Paros is located on the Cyclades islands between Naxos and Antiparos.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, known for its golden sandy beaches, blue waters and the night atmosphere it offers.

The island of Paros is one of the most fertile of the Cyclades islands, proof of this are the fields and cultivable areas with endless vineyards. Paros was well known in antiquity for the high quality of its marble, in the Marathi village, you can see the ancient mines where the marble of Paros was extracted for works such as the Aphrodite of Milos, the Temple of Apollo in Delos, The Hermes of Praxiteles and many more.

The main port and capital of the island is Parikia, a very pretty village with its Venetian castle, its small churches and beautiful neoclassical mansions. From the top of the castle, you can admire breathtaking sunsets and spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. In Parikia, you can visit one of the most important Byzantine monuments of Greece, Panagia Ekatontapiliani, a monument dedicated to the Virgin related to many legends. Very important also is the archeological museum of Paros where the ” Chronic of Paros” and the cemetery of the old city is exhibited.

Naoussa is the most picturesque town of Paros, with white and cubic houses, a cosmopolitan atmosphere and people strolling through its narrow whitewashed streets. Near Naoussa is the beach of Kolimpithres formed by immense rocks of strange shapes that resemble sculptures nailed in the sand.

Other beautiful villages are the ancient capital of Paros, Lefkes and Marpisa a traditional village with dozens of churches, its Venetian castle and a monastery of the sixteenth century.

Paros is ideal for water sports. Pounta is the beach where Kite Surf is practiced and on the beaches, Tserdakia, Chrisi Akti, Santa Maria surfers from all over the world gather to practice windsurfing. Other beautiful beaches are Livadia, Krios, Agios Fokas, Mikro Piperi, Megalo Piperi, Limnes, Aliki and Piso Livadi.


A narrow strip of sea separates Paros from Antiparos. The boats depart very frequently from Parikia and is a very beautiful excursion, a fun and relaxing way to spend the day and get to know this beautiful island.

It is worth visiting the main port with its Venetian castle of the year of 1440, the cathedral of St. Nicolas of the year 1783 and the Cave of Antiparos in the mount Agios Ioannis. In the cave of 45 million years, the 410 steps lead visitors 100 meters deep where you can admire the stalactites and stalagmites of the oldest cave in Greece. Antiparos is surrounded by beautiful beaches with blue waters, among them Psaraliki, Sifneikos, Theologos, Gialos, Livadi and Diapori.

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