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Naxos is in the center of the Aegean, is the largest and fertile island of the Cyclades, ideal for long holidays as the island is a whole world to discover.

The capital of Naxos, Chora is built as an amphitheater on the northwest coast of the island. Starting from the port you can admire the magnificent “Portara“, on the islet Palatia, which was part of the Temple of Apollo. Visitors to Naxos gather every evening in Portara to enjoy a magical sunset!

Following the path to the Acropolis we find Byzantine churches, whitewashed houses and important archaeological sites such as the Mycenaean city in Grota.

Crossing the “Trani Porta” we enter the medieval castle with the Catholic Cathedral, Capella Casaza, the school of the Ursulines and the School of the Jesuits that houses the Archaeological Museum of Naxos.

In the market of Chora, you can find local products and artisan articles like jewels, ceramics and baskets. In the taverns, you will be able to taste typical dishes made with natural ingredients of the island with unique flavor like the cheeses xinotiro, mizithra, kefalotiri, the kakavia (a fish soup), liquor of citrus and many more…

One of the attractions of Naxos is the fact that you can perfectly combine beach and mountain holidays. The mountains of Naxos, Zas of 1004m and Fanari of 908m are the highest of the Cyclades. At their feet are typical villages of a very special architectural character such as Apiranthos and Filotis where you can go hiking and organize horseback riding. Very beautiful is the path that runs from Agia Marina to the summit of Mount Zas where the views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands are spectacular.

The beaches of Naxos are the best of the Cyclades, Panormos and Psili Amos where the forests of cedars, the sea and the dunes form an idyllic landscape. In the south of Chora is the spa of Agios Prokopios ideal for going out at night and enjoy a drink next to the sea. Further south is the 7km Agia Ana beach and Mikri Vigla which is the most popular for surfers.

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