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Milos is located on the southwestern tip of the Cyclades Islands.

Known for the statue of “Venus de Milo” which is now in the Louvre Museum, for its volcanic terrain where the blue waters and red, yellow, white and black rocks of its coast create an impressive set of beauty landscape only.

Plaka, the capital of the island is a picturesque town built on a hill overlooking the Sea. In the archaeological museum visitors can admire the famous statuette of “Lady of Phylakopi” of incalculable archaeological value. Phylakopi was one of the most important cities of the prehistoric Aegean, most of the city is below sea level, visitors today can see the cyclopean walls of this city.

The port of Milos, Adamantas, is considered the safest natural port of the Aegean Sea, in Adamantas it is worth visiting the Mineral museum, the church Koimisis of Theotokos and the Catholic church of Saint Nicolas.

Other beautiful villages are the village of Klima, a colorful fishing village, a short distance from Klima, are the Catacombs of Milos considered one of the most important findings of the Christian era. They are a cemetery dating from the end of the second century to the fifth century, a place of worship that gave refuge to Christians. Apollonia is in the north of Milos, is a small fishing port with taverns with their tables in the sand. During the summer months, it is a good choice for dinner and enjoy a drink by the sea.

Milos is an island well known among the Greeks for its quality and quantity of beaches. Around the island, you will find more than 50 beaches, all with their charm and crystal clear waters. Some are Achivadolimni, Emborio, Provatas, Paleochori, Agia Kiriaki, Firiplaka, etc.

Among the most famous and best beaches are the beach of Sarakiniko with white rock formations sculpted by the wind and the sea, the Papafragka cave, Venetsianes and the sea caves of Kleftiko.

Milos is a paradise for diving enthusiasts, underwater fishing as well as for windsurfing, SUP, kayaking, and climbing as there are two cliffs to climb, one in Glaronissia and the other in “Turla of Vani”

In the south of the island, you can see the craters of the two extinct volcanoes of Firiplakas and Trachila that are preserved in very good condition.

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