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Lepanto, today called Nafpaktos, is a city on the north coast of the strait that separates the Gulf of Patras from the Gulf of Corinth.

The 7th of October 1571 the Battle of Lepanto took place in which Miguel de Cervantes fought but was injured and lost the use of his left hand. Cervantes, who was very proud to have fought there, called it “the most memorable and exalted occasion the past centuries have seen or the future ones can expect to see”.

It is a very beautiful city with several attractions; the most important are its small harbor with the statue of Cervantes, the many beaches to its surroundings ideal to enjoy the sea and the Castle of Lepanto, with the original ramparts and towers. The views from there are amazing. You can see Patras and part of the region of Peloponnese opposite the port of Lepanto.

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