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Plastira Lake

Plastira Lake

The lake Plastira is an artificial lake located in Karditsa.

The landscape is fascinating and the large lake, guarded by high mountains lined with vegetation, makes the area a true paradise for mountaineering enthusiasts. Fishing, hiking and and many more activities, are some through which you can connect with nature.

The lake was formed from a dam created to connect river Tavropos with the great river Achelous (Acheloos). Among the visionaries who imagined it, is General Nikolaos Plastiras, who imagined a dam that would solve the irrigation problem of the area, the supply of drinking water for locals and the production of electricity. The dam was completed in 1960. It is 220 meters high and 83 meters long. Over time, Mother Nature has been beautifying the surroundings of the lake to transform it into one of the most appreciated tourist spots; a lake surrounded by green mountains and streams in a region with its own beauty at any time of the year.

There is plenty to see and do at lake Plastira. One of the preferred activities is canoe and kayak navigation or with the traditional pirogas (small boats of flat base).

It is also ideal for lovers of traditional architecture, as in the vicinity of Karditsa there are numerous ancient villages built with the materials and means offered by nature, with leafy groves, houses and stone bridges. The main ones are: Agios Georgios, Elinopirgos, Pentina or Kanalia, among others. Also in Kalivia Pezoulas, by the lake, you can enjoy beautiful beaches.

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