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Kos, also known as the island of Hippocrates (father of current medicine) in which we find the ancient plane tree planted by himself where he used to teach his classes. This tree resides in the square of the Platane (Platia Platanou) in front of the Castle of the Knights. The castle along with the other fortresses was built to protect the population during the period of domination of the Ottomans.

Within the city of Kos we can find archaeological remains such as the ancient Agora, the Portico or the sanctuary of Aphrodite or others still in the process of recovery that includes the Roman baths, the Roman house and the Odeon among many others. Also numerous Byzantine and Paleochristian churches.

The important sanctuary of Asclepeion, which overlooks the plain of Kos, is located on a slope composed of four terraces and was dedicated to the son of Apollo, Asklepio, a healing god, and was built at the end of the fourth century BC. in honor to the virtues of Hippocrates. The latter, like Epidaurus, was a therapeutic center and place of worship attended by doctors-priests, known as Asclepiades, who created a famous medical school.

During your stay on the island, you will also have the possibility to visit the Hippocratic Museum where we can find a retrospective of his work and his life, and the Folk Museum of Kos famous for its traditions and where we can admire handmade embroidery and exhibitions from the Hellenistic and Roman period where we will find statues, ceramics and mosaics.

You will also find other places of interest such as Kardamena, where you will find the largest concentration of hotels on the island as well as places of entertainment such as taverns, restaurants, cafes, etc.

Other locations worth visiting are Tigaki, Agios Fokas, Agios Stefanos, Kefalos or Zia (in this last one they see the most beautiful sunsets on the island).

The beaches of Kos

As for its beaches, with 112 km of coast, in its northern part, we will find the beaches of Kos, Tigaki, Lambi, Marmari or Mastihari, the latter being the least frequented of all the previous ones.

On the south coast, you find Agios Fokas, Kamari, Agios Stefanos, Camel Beach, Thermes, Kardamena and Paradise Beach, for many the best of the island and finally on the peninsula of Kefalos, we find the beaches of Agios Theologos and Limnionas that despite being the most remote and less organized are also quite frequent.

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