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Ios is one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades, where, according to the legend, it was the homeland of Homer’s mother and the final resting place of the great epic poet.

This island has a very peculiar festive reputation, where you will see parties without rest during the summer on the beaches and in the cobbled streets of Chora, loud music, boisterous revelers of different nationalities, dance that never ceases, cocktails … and all this, until sunrise.

But that’s not all, beyond the bars and nightclubs, you will also find the most traditional part of the island: typical Cycladic houses, galleries, cafes, children playing in the squares, lime-lined staircases, elegant boutiques, restaurants of international cuisine, churches … An island with a special charm to enjoy both during the day and at dawn.

Endless party in the Cyclades

In Ios the fun has no limits. An island known for its spirit of fun under the sun and its unrestrained parties in summer. Among the assistants are young people from all over the world, who enjoy freedom, loss of the notion of time, avoidance of worries, and all this, in a very cheerful and lively atmosphere.

Milopotas, the star of the island

Here the fun begins early: take a dip in Milopotas beach with its impressive cove. An emerald beach, beach bars, fine sand, water sports, cafes … and get ready for the night!

Chora, with great charm

Head towards the church of Panagia Gremiotissa, on the edge of the Venetian castle, and you will see Chora from another perspective. The cube-shaped houses form an amphitheater, the churches emerge from the slopes, knowing that this city is built on the ancient city. Get lost in their labyrinths: the typical whitewashed stone streets of Cyclades, the flowers in the courtyards, the aromas emanating from bakeries, women who talk on their steps while weaving … A whole place of sensations.

The other side of Ios

The next morning after the party, you will meet the other face of Ios. Where? In the impressive view of the tomb of Homer in the ancient ruins of a Hellenistic tower. On the cobbled streets leading to Palaiokastro (Old Castle), walk along the cliff edge which is situated 300 meters above sea level. In Panagia Palaiokastritissa, you will find the 16th-century castle, from where you can admire the Aegean Sea through its beautiful dome.

Reviving the Bronze Age in Skarkos

Follow the path: the spiral stone walls around the hill make up Skarkos. Locals call it “karavola” which means snails. Here, just a few minutes from Chora, you will find a very important settlement dating from the proto-Cycladic period. Stroll through the archaeological zone and see firsthand the discoveries exhibited at the Archaeological Museum.

Unique monuments

At the northeast end of Ios is the oldest Orthodox church on the island, built in the 16th century above the ruins of the Temple of Apollo.

In Chora an amazing theater composed of more than 1,100 seats, called Odysseas Elytis, is located, which was built according to the rules of ancient Greece, and bears the name of the Nobel Prize-winning Greek poet Odysseus Elytis.

In addition, near the school of Chora, is the only Catholic church in Ios, called Fragoklissias, which dates from the fourteenth century.

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