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The island of Corfu (Kerkyra) belongs to the Ionian islands. Its natural beauty, stunning beaches, historic monuments and charming villages make it one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

Due to its strategic position was conquered for centuries by the Venetians, the French and the English who left monuments and elements of their culture behind.

The city of Corfu was declared an Artistic Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 2007. The old city has a very peculiar architecture with high houses, narrow streets with the laundry lying down, small squares.

The Spianada is the central square of the city of Corfu built in the eighteenth century, is one of the largest in the country and the place to walk and organize concerts, parades and cricket matches. The Liston is the meeting point, its cafes and bakeries fill with people and create a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. It was built during French domination and reminiscent of the buildings on Rue Rivoli in Paris.

The Palaces of Michail and Georgios built in the Georgian style are home to the Asian Art Museum, the 15th Century Fortress (Palio Frourio), which is built on a peninsula next to the Spianada. For defensive reasons, it was transformed into an islet by the construction of the pit known as Contra Fosa.

The New Fortress (Neo Frourio, 1576), with the English barracks, galleries, vaulted passages, bastions, bastions and Latin inscriptions on the wall. From this point, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and the historic center of the city.

In the vicinity of the town is Kanoni, with wonderful views of the monastery of Vlacherna and Pontikonisi, a small islet and the most photographed place of Corfu that has become the symbol of the island and which, according to mythology, was a boat of the feacios that became stone. 3km to the south is Mon Repos, a masterful example of neoclassical architecture, built in the 19th century to be the residence of the English governor Frederic Adams, the gardens surrounding the palace are ideal for a romantic walk.

In the center of the island is Gouvia, a very popular tourist center with fish taverns by the sea and luxury hotels. Near Gouvia in Kontokali is the marina with a capacity for 1235 boats.

At 9 kilometers from the city of Corfu is the picturesque village of Gastouri Achilleio (Aquileo), the palace of the princess Sissi, a beautiful place surrounded by gardens with impressive statues inspired by Greek mythology such as the statue of the Satiro and Dionisio And the statue of the death of Achilles. Inside the palace, you can admire frescoes, important works of art and personal objects of Sissi.

At 25km northeast of the city of Corfu lies Paleokastritsa a pretty village with its picturesque harbor and a unique natural landscape full of pines, olive groves, small bays and sandy beaches. In Paleokastritsa, you can visit the monastery of the Virgin of Paleokastritsa and the locality Lakones.

The most beautiful sunset can be enjoyed from Pelekas 16km west of the capital, further south of Pelekas is worth visiting the Sinarades village, one of the oldest on the island.

Other places on the island that you cannot leave without seeing are Kassiopi with its medieval fortress and some of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island, full of large and impressive houses with clean and calm waters. Among them, Barbati, Nisaki, Kaminaki, Angi, Kouloura (the beach where Laurence Durrell lived), Kerasia, Agios Stefanos Sinion, Avlaki.

The saltwater lake (wetland) Antioti, home to 96 species of migratory birds.

Sidari in the extreme north-east of the island of Corfu well known for its beaches, especially the beach called “Canal d’Amour”. Peritheia is an ancient village of traditional architecture where you can go hiking in nature and visit some beautiful churches.

Other localities with very good beaches are Mesongi and Agios Georgios Argyradon in the south of the island where they can visit the lake Korission of unique natural beauty, the beaches Chalikouna and Issos the largest of the island.

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