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Astipalea, the butterfly of the Aegean Sea

It is the westernmost island of the Dodecanese, located at the point where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades. This is the reason why in Astipalea the features of both island resorts are mixed to create a variety of unique landscapes.

The island of Astypalea has 1,113 permanent inhabitants living in the four main island settlements, Astypalea or Chora, Livadi, Maltezana and Vathi.

Chora, the capital and port of the island is one of the most picturesque villages in the Aegean. At the top of the hill is the imposing castle of Chora, surrounded by small houses with white walls, blue doors and wooden balconies overlooking the open sea. The medieval castle of Astypalea was built in the 13th century AD by the Querini family on the Ancient Acropolis.

The medieval settlement of Chora was a group of densely built houses within the walls of the castle. Within the castle are the churches of PAnagia Castriani (Virgin Mary of the Castle) built in 1853 and Saint George, in 1790. Another very important church and the most beautiful of the Dodecanese is the Church of Panagia Portaitisa founded in the XVIII century DC.

What to do in Astipalea

The visitor can choose from a variety of activities and excursions to enjoy the vacation on this beautiful island. A very interesting excursion is in the cave of Vathi with its impressive stalagmites and stalactites where you can arrive by boat or walking. Mini-cruises on nearby islands are also worth to enjoy the sea and the sunset. You can visit the islands Koutsomiti, Kounoupa, Kaminakia and Agios Ioannis.

Astipalea is full of coves, sunny and quiet beaches to satisfy the most demanding visitors. Others with pebbles, others with sand and others accessible only by sea. All with blue waters that one cannot resist them.

Some of the most beautiful beaches are Pera Gialos, Maltezana, Agios Konstantinos, Kaminakia, Vlychada and Panormos.

Water enthusiasts and adventure enthusiasts will find in Astipalea various activities to satisfy their tastes, such as kayak, canoeing, windsurfing, climbing, trekking.

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