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Andros is the second-largest island of Cyclades and the northernmost one. At Andros the mountain ranges alternate with the fertile valleys of olive trees and citrus, plains and rocky coasts till beautiful sandy beaches.

As in all the Cyclades, the capital of Andros is called Chora, it is a beautiful town where the typical architecture of the Cyclades is mixed with the neoclassical mansions and the medieval towers.

Near Chora is Messaria, the medieval center of the island where you can visit the Byzantine church of Taxiarchis built in 1158. Menites is a village of natural beauty with water fountains, gardens and bananas. Another impressive town with its charming mansions is Stenies and a little further north is Apikia well known for its natural spring and Pithara, an ecosystem of great natural beauty with lakes and waterfalls.

In the Chora of Andros are the Archaeological Museum where the statue of Hermes of Andros is exhibited and the museum of Modern Art Goulandri, globally known for its unique collection of works of art that attracts many visitors every year.

Gavrio is in the north of the island and is the main port of Andros with regular connections to the peninsula. Batsi is another main city and tourist center of the island where you can find all kinds of traveler services.

Halfway from Batsi to Chora is Paleopoli, the ancient capital of Andros, a picturesque green village with waterfalls on the hillside of Mount Petalo. The bravest travelers can park their car at the lowest point of the village and take the path that leads to the sea. It is a journey through time, a magic walk through orchards, stables leaning on ancient pillars, churches until you reach the old port where you can bathe and relax. There are only 1039 steps on the way back!

In Chora is the organized beach Niborio and Achla beach, an isolated beach accessible only by boat. Also very good are Paraporti, Gialia and Piso Gialia beaches.

In Batsi you can choose between the Golden Beach a very large and organized beach next to the village or the nearby beaches of Agia Marina, Stivari and Agios Kyprianos.

To the north of Gavrio there is a great choice of secluded or busier beaches. Fellos, Vitali, Zorkos and Ateni are some of them.

In the South, in the Korthi area is Kantouni, the nearby Vintzi and Agia Ekaterini and more secluded beaches Kalamonari, Bouros and Kremydes. You will be unforgettable a visit to “Grias Pidima”, a stunning beach very close to Ormos.

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