North Aegean Islands

The islands of the North Aegean, a set of wonderful islands in which you will find noble castles and mansions, wild beauty and mysterious ancient rituals, all set between the mountains and the sea.

Here you will be away from the big urban centers. Each island in this region is unique and has its own identity, each with its wild beauty and rich cultural heritage. Other charms you will find here are that they are not islands packed with tourism, so one can rest and relax by the beach or go exploring in these unspoiled, quirky and seductive treasures such as: Chios, Samos, Limnos, Samothraki (Samothrace), Agios Efstratios, Fourni, Psara and Inousses.

You will find yourself in an environment with magnificent sandy beaches of clear waters, picturesque mountain villages, cliff coast, delicious cuisine, rich history and peculiar natural beauty. These islands make an ideal holiday destination for those looking for a getaway to the sea, local traditions and unforgettable historical places. The larger islands such as Samos and Chios are especially ideal for families, couples and groups of friends; the smaller ones, such as Agios Efstratios, Fourni, Psara and Oinousses, are a paradise for navigators and intrepid travelers.


Chios, where the famous mastiha is produced, is an ideal destination for a quiet family vacation.

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The island synonymous with tranquility and relaxed life, Ikaria, is a perfect destination for alternative holidays in its traditional festivals.

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Lesvos (Mytilini)

The third largest island in Greece, Lesvos, is famous for two products, ouzo and olive oil, and of course for its charm and mild climate.

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Samos is an island ruled by legend and beauty. It is the island of the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, the astronomer Aristarchus and the philosopher Epicurus.

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