Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are located in western Greece. They are the steepest islands and are rich in history and tradition. Its temperature is less dry, and the flora is more numerous, which results in beautiful and green areas with vast vineyards and fruit trees growing in their soils, all surrounded by many gorgeous beaches. As a result, we discover a setting that blends fine beaches, turquoise waves that alternate with deep blue, whitewashed settlements, and wild and hilly landscapes. The principal islands include Kefalonia, Kythira, Corfu, Lefkada, and Zante, to which additional smaller and many islets must be added.

Kefalonia, the biggest of the complex, features gorgeous beaches to enjoy as well as spectacular cliffs to remember.

Corfu (Kerkyra) is well-known for its wild and pristine coast, as well as its surroundings. Also a unique island and a battleground in antiquity and World War II. It is Greece’s most well-preserved medieval city and one of the most picturesque in the Mediterranean.

Lefkada is known for its emerald seas and various coves scattered over the island.

Zante (Zakynthos), with its Caribbean-style beaches and National Maritime Park, is one of the most significant sites in the Mediterranean for the shelter and protection of the Caretta Caretta sea turtle.


in Ionian Islands


In Corfu you will feel like in a venetian fairy tale. Let this beautiful island mesmerize you.


Ithaca, the homeland of Odysseus, an island with very little tourist development but of incredible beauty invites you to discover it. And surely, it's worth it!


Kephalonia which belongs to the Ionian islands, has a rich cultural heritage along with impeccable scenery. Visit its impressive beaches and the well-known caves and discover this fantastic island.


In the southern Peloponnese, Kythira is one of the islands with incredible beaches and important history that offer tranquility and perfect holidays.


Lefkada is one of the islands accessible by car with incredible beaches of infinite blue and amazing villages.


Unusually green and still largely unspoiled, Paxoi (Paxos) has established a firm niche in Greece's tourist hierarchy

Zante (Zakynthos)

Besides Navagio, the most photographed beach in Greece, in Zante (Zakynthos) you will be surprised by its traditional character, hospitality and wonderful natural landscape.