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Central Greece is one of the 13 peripheries of Greece. It is located in the southern part of the continental territory, between Thessaly and Macedonia, to the north, and the Corinthian isthmus to the south. It forms part of the geographical region of Central Greece.


Delphi, the navel of the ancient world, where it is located the sanctuary of Apollo that had the most famous oracle in ancient Greece.

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Meteora, one of the most unique places in the world, where spirituality and the greatness of nature meet, offer visitors an unforgettable experience.

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Lepanto, nowadays called Nafpaktos, is a city on the northern shore of the strait that separates the Gulf of Patras from the Gulf of Corinth.

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Plastira Lake

An ideal destination for nature lovers, Plastira Lake, in Karditsa, is one of the great artificial lakes in Greece.

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