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The date of May 14 for the resumption of Greek tourism, if the evolution of the pandemic allows it, was announced by the government. The announcements were made by the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, unlike last year, which was made by the Prime Minister from Santorini. The setting was that of the ITB Berlin International Tourism Fair, one of the most important in the world for the tourism industry, which is being held virtually this year. The Greek minister chose the Acropolis Museum as the backdrop and revealed the central slogan of the new promotional campaign, «All you want is Greece«.

The Minister of Tourism has indicated that “always bearing in mind the faithful application of health protocols, we aspire to open Greek tourism on May 14th. Until then, we will gradually lift the restrictions, if the estimates of infectious disease specialists allow for the development of the pandemic. For example, we have planned for April the experimental implementation of the measures that we have planned, in the first phase with visitors from countries of the European Union, as well as from other countries where vaccination has progressed, such as Israel. However, I emphasize that all opening dates are indicative and may change, depending on developments».

More specifically, the country will be allowed to enter travelers who have been vaccinated or have immunity due to recovery, or who have tested negative for COVID-19 on a recent test. Furthermore, as the minister said, “all tourists will be able to undergo random tests, in the same way as last year. However, a significant difference compared to last year is the rapid tests, thanks to which the quarantine will begin for positive cases, now, without waiting 24 hours as in 2020”.

The cost of hospitalization or any other necessary action, aimed at protecting the health of tourists, professionals, and citizens, will be borne by the Greek state, Haris Theocharis promised.


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